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Building a Resilient Organizational Culture


A 2012 Towers Watson study found that in most organizations, only 35 percent of employees said they were engaged. In other words, 65 percent of employees have mentally checked out, causing productivity, innovation, and creativity to plummet. An uncertain economic outlook, the rapid pace of change, and the need to continually adapt has made resilience—the ability to bounce back in the face of a setback—the new priority in leadership development. The good news is that resilience can be taught.

This talent management white paper:

  • Explores why resilience is more important than ever for organizations to cultivate.
  • Explains the difference between wellness programs and building a resilience culture.
  • Discusses why resilience should be cultivated, not just at the senior leadership level,  but at all levels in an organization.
  • Offers steps HR and talent managers can take to develop resilient organizational  cultures.
  • Provides examples of organizations that have engaged in a resilience initiative and  the benefits they realized as a result.