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Leading the Way at UNC: Chancellor Carol Folt

Posted by UNC Executive Development on Apr 13, 2017 1:03:35 PM


UNC Chancellor Carol Folt’s vision for students is that they “Don’t simply learn what we know but they learn how to create what will be.”  Those are very powerful and insightful words coming from the first woman to hold the role of Chancellor at the university in its 228 year history. 

well-3.jpgSusie Gharib of Fortune writes,

An internationally recognized scientist and award-winning teacher, Folt was tapped to be chancellor in 2013 and since then she’s been talking about innovation and the importance of making changes to stay relevant. At first glance, Folt is strikingly petite. But on closer examination, she exudes a powerful, high energy leadership style. And it’s easy to see why she has been an inspiration for the 28,000 students attending UNC. She encourages them to dream big and she is candid in sharing how her own experiences of coming from a family of Albanian immigrants influenced her path. “In that kind of world, every day is a fresh day,” Folt explains. “You don’t have anything that’s directing you. You’re free of past constraints.” Her message to UNC students: “Don’t be constrained by what you were. Think about what you want to be.”

View the entire Fortune article here and be sure to watch the interview with the Chancellor below.

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