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How Leaders Can Influence Others to Drive Change

Posted by UNC Executive Development on May 9, 2017 2:16:40 PM


Imagine you are heading up a taskforce that consists of five of your peers from sales, marketing, research and development, operations, and human resources. The chief operating officer has asked the taskforce to come up with a solution to an organization-wide problem that has plagued the company for the past 48 months. The issue needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

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As a leader in the organization, you have consulted with dozens of people inside and outside of your organization. You’ve done more research on this than anyone else on the taskforce and have the knowledge, skills, and proven track record to effect change. How will you effectively communicate your proposed solution to the other taskforce members? What can you do to get them to see the value of your ideas?

Obtaining buy-in from managers at all levels is critical when proposing a change initiative because, while it may rapidly improve an organizational problem, there is also the risk of hitting the bottom line and lowering employee morale if the initiative fails.

To increase the likelihood of getting your recommendations taken seriously and implemented, you, as a leader, must have effective influence skills.

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