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Wired to Learn: How New Technologies Are Changing L&D Delivery


Mark Dollins, a partner at the research firm Future Workplace, forecasts that the 2020 workplace will be multigenerational, increasingly global and highly interconnected with social media (Davis, 2012). These trends will profoundly affect learning and development (L&D) professionals, who will be expected to anticipate their organizations’ future talent needs, and design and deliver L&D opportunities in ways that will satisfy workers’ desire for flexibility and employers’ demand for quality and cost effectiveness.

This talent management white paper:

  • Explores the growth of electronically-delivered L&D.

  • Reviews the motivators that are fueling that growth.

  • Reviews and defines some of the terminology emerging in the field, including computer-based collaborative learning, mobile learning, global learning, and the use of social media in learning.

  • Introduces technical trends in the e-learning environment that HR and talent managers should monitor for use in their organizations.

  • Offers steps L&D professionals can take to introduce these emerging technologies into their organizations.

  • Provides several examples of how HR and talent management teams have applied these technologies in their organizations.