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The Real Effects of Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

A talent management white paper the explores how to identify and overcome unconscious bias in the workplace

Unconscious biases are a fact of life. Everyone harbors them—and takes them into the workplace—even when they explicitly believe that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. They affect who gets hired, promoted, and developed—and can unwittingly undermine an organization’s culture.

This UNC Executive Development white paper helps HR and talent management professionals identify and address unconscious bias in the workplace by:

  • Discussing what unconscious bias is and why we all harbor unconscious biases;
  • Examining some of the more than 150 unconscious biases and provides examples of how they manifests in the workplace; 
  • Exploring the impact of unconscious bias at work and to an organization’s culture;
  • Providing steps you can take to uncover and minimize the effects of unconscious bias in the workplace, and;
  • Sharing examples of employers who are attempting to address unconscious biases in their organizations.