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The New Business Imperative: Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Women in the Workplace


The debate surrounding women in the workforce has shifted somewhat in 50 years, but it still continues. In 1964, women comprised nearly 40 percent of the U.S. labor force (up from 32 percent in 1948). Today, women make up 61 percent of the labor force and are attaining college-level degrees at a faster rate than their male counterparts [Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in U.S. Department of Commerce et al, 2011].

This talent management white paper:

  • Explores the changing role of women in the workplace and the business  imperative to foster women’s roles in organizations.

  • Examines the persisting gap in female representation in leadership positions.

  • Looks at perception gaps found in a 2012 University of North Carolina (UNC) Leadership Survey of women and men in senior leadership roles on the effectiveness of organizations in recruiting, developing and retaining female employees.

  • Offers HR and talent management professionals effective steps they can take to recruit, develop and retain women in organizational leadership roles.