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Rethinking Generation Gaps in the Workplace: Focus on Shared Values


The popular press has had a field day alerting human resource (HR) and talent management professionals to the looming generation gap in the workplace. The stories invariably begin something like this: “For the first time in history, four generations will be in the workplace at the same time.” Most reporters then describe the gap and its potential adverse impact on the workplace. In many cases, it isn’t described merely as a gap. It’s a crisis, a war, a chasm so deep that it threatens our organizations’ very futures.

This talent management white paper:

  • Reviews emerging studies that suggest, while there are some tensions among the generations, the generation gap has been overly exaggerated in the popular press.
  • Will use these studies to highlight the values generations share in the workplace.
  • Will provide guidance to HR and talent management professionals on how to improve organizational culture and communication by focusing on and leveraging these common traits.