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Retaining Women in the Workplace

talent management white paper

The presence of women in the workforce and in leadership positions can improve productivity, innovation, team dynamics, and decision-making processes. Some studies show that their presence in the workplace also boosts the economy. 

This white paper:

  • Examines the “push factors” women experience in the workplace that may factor into their decision to opt out of the workforce;
  • Looks at why women with high educational attainment and women in low-paying jobs are dropping out of the workforce at a higher rate;
  • Explores the costs to women and employers of '"opting out";
  • Offers suggestions to HR and talent management professionals about how their organizations can encourage women’s re-entry into the workforce and how to develop women to encourage their entry into leadership positions, and;
  • Provides examples of what some leading organizations are doing to retain women and to develop them into corporate leaders.