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How to Help Leaders Succeed: A Guide to Successful Executive Career Transitions


Landing a new executive job can be tough. Succeeding in that new job may be even tougher. According to Bradt, Check & Pedraza (2009), less than 36 percent of executives hired from outside an organization will succeed and perform well in their new jobs. A Harvard Business School report estimated a failure rate between 40 and 60 percent for all U.S. executives in 2003. A 2005 Right Management report found that approximately 30 percent of new managers and executives fail at their new jobs and leave within 18 months (Williams, 2010).

This talent management white paper:

  • Provides HR and talent management professionals six simple steps they can take with newly hired executives to ensure successful transitions into their roles and organizational cultures.
  • Provides examples of organizations that have recognized this need and have developed programs that provide guidance to their executives to ensure successful career transitions.