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How to Cleanse a Toxic Workplace

How to cleanse a toxic workplace talent management white paper

The Wall Street Journal recently cited research that found 96% of employees had been treated rudely at the office. A workplace marked by incivility can quickly become a toxic workplace which can lead to lower employee retention, productivity,and workplace safety, and can also raise stress levels and health care costs.

To support HR and talent management professionals in building supportive, healthy workplaces, this UNC Executive Development white paper:

  • Provides information on how to identify a toxic workplace;
  • Identifies the types of toxic behavior, including abusive supervision and workplace bullying;
  • Discusses how toxic workplaces affect employees at all levels;
  • Offers a 3 prong approach on how to prevent toxic behaviors in the workplace, and; 
  • Describes how toxic workplaces can become hostile work environments.