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Charting a Course During Uncertain Times


Companies with strong, well defined collective ambitions have leaders who realize that a business is more than a group of people chasing a financial target. These leaders are also highly disciplined when it comes to achieving and sustaining top performance. They collaborate with others in their organizations to shape their collective ambition and to energize their employees. Finally, they embrace the challenge of managing a powerful duality: that of balancing collaborative engagement (what we refer to as the glue) with commitment to disciplined execution and accountability for results (what we call the grease).

This talent management white paper:

  • Discusses the seven elements of collective ambition and why they matter.

  • Explains why one of these elements may matter more than the others.

  • Shows how top organizations collaborate to bring these elements together, enabling employees at all levels (and senior leaders in particular) to work together to provide the glue and the grease to get them where they want to go.

  • Profiles several companies who have done an outstanding job of integrating these pieces into a powerful whole.

  • Outlines the HR practices required at every level to ensure success.