Download this talent management white paper:

Bringing Mindfulness to the Workplace

A talent management white paper on bringing mindfulness to the workplace

Mindfulness works as a strategy to improve performance and productivity in the workplace. As Google, Aetna, General Mills, and Target can attest, bringing mindfulness to the workplace has decreased their employees’ stress levels and improved their focus, clarity, decision-making skills, and  overall happiness and well-being.

To support HR and talent management professionals in bringing mindfulness and its benefits to their workplace, this UNC Executive Development white paper:

  • Explains what mindfulness is, and why it can improve employee health and productivity and a business’s bottom line;
  • Explores how mindfulness can improve leadership skills;
  • Reviews some of the studies that offer insight into the science behind mindfulness;
  • Provides examples of organizations that have offered mindfulness programs and discusses how it has impacted their workplaces.