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Top Ten Reasons to Hire Veterans

Posted by UNC Executive Development on Jul 6, 2017 3:33:46 PM


Employers need employees with great technical skills, and while veterans certainly possess more than an ample amount of these much-needed skills, they also have some much-desired competencies HR and talent management professionals look for in job candidates. Through military experience, veterans have honed leadership, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and have learned how to work under intense pressure—all top-rated competencies sought by employers

veteran-1.jpgTop Ten Reasons to Hire Veterans

  1. Accelerated learning curve: Veterans have a proven ability to learn new skills quickly and efficiently.
  2. Leadership: The military trains soldiers to lead by example and through direction, delegation, motivation and inspiration. .
  3. Teamwork: Military duties involve the ability to execute both individual tasks and group endeavors.
  4. Diversity: Veterans have learned how to work with all individuals regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, etc.
  5. Performance under pressure: Veterans understand what it means to perform under difficult conditions and tight schedules and with limited resources.
  6. Respect for procedures: Veterans understand what accountability means. They also understand how policies and procedures help an organization function.
  7. Technology and globalization: Veterans are aware of international and technological trends, and how they apply to business and industry.
  8. Integrity: Veterans know the value of “an honest day’s work.”
  9. Health and safety procedures: Veterans are extremely conscious of health and safety standards, and have been trained to strictly adhere to them.
  10. Triumph over adversity: Veterans have shown time and time again that they can survive the harshest of conditions and succeed in mission-critical situations.

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